S45C-211092613330Mailing Address:

Cherokee County Historical Society
PO Box 1287
Canton, GA 30169
Phone: 770.345.3288 Fax: 770.345.3289

For Maps and Directions to the Historical Society Offices, The Cherokee County History Museum and Visitors Center, and the Rock Barn, click here.


Stefanie Joyner, Executive Director; 770.345.3288

Meghan Quinlan, Program Manager;  770.345.3288

P1030890 for webPresident: Rebecca Johnston
Vice President: Kyle Bennett
Secretary: Jennifer Bagwell
Treasurer: Cory Wilson
Board of Directors –
At Large: Kandace Walker-Bunda
At Large: Joan Ahrens
At Large: Joanie Hasty
At Large: Ann Fincher
At Large: Sean Furilla
At Large: Joan Denney
At Large: Jenna Hill
At Large: Donna Haley
At Large: Lee Lusk
At Large: Mark Moore
At Large: Barbara Nye
At Large: Joe Sellers
At Large: Randy Saxon
At Large: Fran Whitfield