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Protecting our heritage, one building at a time…..

Cherokee County has a diverse range of historic buildings dating from the 1830s to the 1950s. The Cherokee County Historical Society is interested in saving as much of our history as possible and encourages owners of historic buildings to contact us for assistance.

Since many of our historic resources are being lost to neglect or development, CCHS is exploring alternatives to find new uses for these endangered buildings, such as a Historic Properties Fund. Once implemented, the Historic Properties Fund will enable the Historical Society to accept donations or purchase historic properties. The Historical Society would then resell these properties with a protective easement assigned to the deed in perpetuity.


To learn more about this fund, or if you are interested in selling or donating a historic structure or piece of property, please contact Stefanie Joyner at 770-345-3288 or


Due to the high cost of land in our area, many of our historic homes are being razed to make new subdivisions and shopping centers. CCHS advocates working with developers and builders to incorporate these historic structures with new construction. When this is not an acceptable alternative, in some cases it may be preferable to relocate these buildings to a new location. Please note that CCHS does not endorse moving historic structures until all other options have been exhausted. However, the buildings listed below currently fit into this criteria, and may be good candidates for relocation.

Available to purchase

This Craftsman Style bungalow located in the heart of downtown Canton, across from Brown's Park is the in the process of being rehabilitated and will soon be on the market. If interested, please contact Carol Simpson at 404.788.2311.


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