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The Cherokee County Historical Society was founded in 1975 as a nonprofit corporation and has a membership in excess of 400. The Historical Society's quarterly meetings focuses on the history or culture of Cherokee County and the State of Georgia.

Our Mission Statement

The Cherokee County Historical Society is dedicated to historic preservation and education.

The Virtual Board of Directors

Visit the 'Virtual Board', the cyber-meeting place of the Board of Directors, where you will find a listing of the 2009 slate of Officers and Standing Committee Chairs. Board Meeting Agenda, minutes and reports of the meetings, and special notices are posted periodically. Additionally, the Virtual Board's Document Archive contains copies of the Society ByLaws.

The Society's Bulletin Board

Check our Bulletin Board for an interesting collection of historical 'lost & found' in Cherokee County! If you'd like to have something posted on the bulletin board, contact us.

Contact Information

Snail mail to Cherokee County Historical Society:
PO Box 1287       Canton, GA 30169

(770) 345-3288

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Georgia Historical Society
Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
National Trust for Historic Preservation
American Association of State and Local History
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