Did you know you can save a piece of history today?

Founded in 1975, the Cherokee County Historical Society has kept our county’s heritage alive through education and community involvement. With more than 550 members from communities all over the county, and our partnership with many local and statewide organizations, our appreciation of the past and our commitment to the future of Cherokee County is obvious in many different ways.  One of those ways is our commitment to historic preservation throughout the county and our careful collection and preservation of records and artifacts. You can help us to continue to fund future exhibits, educational programs, and preservation efforts.

Become a member- future generations will thank you!

DSC_0309 DSC_0014 Picnic

DSC_0302Membership Benefits include:

  • Advance notice and exclusive invitations to events, exhibits, and programs. See our Events page for more information!
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Membership Picnic at private historic site.
  • Occasional field trips and behind-the-scenes tours.
  • Rock Barn Facility Rental. Learn more here!
  • Corporate Membership Listing on Historical Society website.

Corporate Membership – $100.00
Family Membership – $40.00
Individual Membership – $25.00
Lifetime Membership – $500.00
Student Membership – $10.00

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DSC_0498   200869193-5    DSC_3456    group4   Derby Day May 2010 - 107 Rick Roberts & Cory Wilson